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12/17ServiceLine Newsletter - December 2017 
11/17Cummins Care strives to provide “Beyond Support” 
10/17 – The Genuine online catalog
9/17Cummins Care, Beyond Support for Everything Cummins
8/17Cummins Guidanz Improving Throughput
7/17New Warranty Administration Manual
6/17Improved Customer Uptime with Cummins Guidanz™
5/171-800-CUMMINS™ Overview
4/17Improving Customer Uptime and Shop Scheduling with Cummins Guidanz™ Mobile App and INLINE™ Mini Adapter
3/17Streamlined System For Service – Cummins Guidanz™
2/17Warranty Administration
1/17Technician Actual Time
12/16Documentation Requirements When Claiming SRT 99-999, Standard Repair Time (SRT) and Service Accessibility Rating (SAR) Changes
11/16Expert Diagnostic System (EDS) Dashboard Customer Uptime Tracking
10/16No Problem Found/Diagnostic Flow Chart and Selection of License Plate for Government Owned Vehicles
9/16CDS Communication
8/16INSITE and EDS Integration
7/16INSITE Pro Version 8.1.4
6/16Access SRTs in EDS
5/16Minimum Claim Documentation
4/16Aftertreatment SRT Updates
3/16RAPIDSERVE™ Web Processes
2/16RAPIDSERVE™ Technical Services
1/16Finding Resources
12/15Progressive Damage Checks
10/15New RAPIDSERVE™ Web Updates, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
9/15EDS to Deliver Three Significant New Features That Improve Customer Uptime, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
8/15New RAPIDSERVE Web Claim Filing Requirements, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
7/15New Warranty Communication Self-Serve Subscription Form With Capability to Select Communications Relevant to Your Market – Find Out How, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
6/15New RAPIDSERVE Web Feature, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
5/15Policy Resource System Improvements, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
4/15Introducing Phase One of INSITE and Expert Diagnostic System Integration, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
3/15Guidelines on Updating ECM Calibration and Replacing SCR Catalyst in ISX12/15 CM2350 Engines, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
2/15New RAPIDSERVE Web Enhancements, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up
1/15RAPIDSERVE Web Failure Mode Reference Guide Now Available on QSOL, Tech Up-dates & Warranty Round-up