Heavy Duty


Every Coverage For All Contingencies. North American Truck Coverages For 2021 X12 And X15 Engines Brochure5676436
Every Coverage For All Contingencies. North American Truck Coverages For 2017 X15, ISX12 And X12 Engines Brochure5410668
Every Coverage. North American Truck Coverages For 2017 X15 And ISX12 Engines Brochure - French  5544014
Encore Xtra Extended Coverage for EPA 2013 ISX12 and ISX15 Engines and Aftertreatment, and EPA 2013 ISX12 G and ISL G Engines Brochure5410591
Encore Xtra Extended Coverage For North American Dealers Brochure - French [Coming Soon]5410622
Encore Xtra Extended Coverage For EPA 2017 X15 Engines Brochure5600685

Parts Warranty

EngineRegion                        Bulletin
All Engines 10-18L New Engines Parts Warranty                                           Worldwide3381213

North America Legal Bulletin

L10/M11/ISM/N14/ISX/SIG EnginesUnited States & Canada3381139

ISX11.9, ISX12, X12, ISX12 G, ISX12N, ISX15 And X15 Series Engines For EPA 2010 And Newer  

United States & Canada3381437

International Legal Bulletin

L10/M11/ISM/ISG/ISZ/N14/ISX/SIG Engines                                                  International3381080
L10/M11/ISM/ISZ/N14/ISX/SIG EnginesThe Caribbean3381472
L10/M11/N14/ISZ/ISM/ISX/X15/SIG EnginesLatin America3381334
L10/M11/ISM/ISZ/N14/ISX/X15/SIG EnginesAustralia & New Zealand3381669
K19 EnginesAustralia & New Zealand3381310
L10/M11/ISM/ISZ/N14/ISX EnginesEurope3381443
L10/M11/ISM/ISZ/N14/ISX/SIG EnginesSouth Africa3605761
L10/M11/ISM/ISZ/N14/ISX/Signature EnginesKorea3381364
ISG EnginesLatin America, Mexico,
Australia/New Zealand,
And South Africa
ISM, ISZ, ISG, ISX12, ISX EnginesMiddle East3381469
ISX12 G Series EnginesMexico3381475